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This Project is a typographic book exploring the lack of consent and exploitation of child marriage in countries around the world, in response to the ISTD 2020 brief ‘The Significance of Numbers’. 


The saying ‘age is but a number’ was central to my research into this topic. With the intent of exploring something that is difficult to fathom from a western perspective, I wanted to look at the idea of significance in a negative way, drawing the attention away from celebration and placing focus on the danger that numbers can have in our lives.

The narrative explores the shocking effects and consequences that child marriage has on children in Guatemala, Nigeria, Nepal and France in an attempt to spread awareness of these horrific hardships, using neon colour’s and a strong use of hierarchy and pace to reflect this. The age of consent laws in the United Kingdom, used to keep minors safe from manipulation, systematically frames the publication and provides a typographic contrast to these countries.

This publication was awarded ISTD membership.

Photography by Stephanie Sinclair.

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