University project, briefed to brand a fictional 

exhibition. Entititled 'Gender(ation)', my exhibition focusing on the celebration of gender and the collapse of gender boundaries.

Booklet design to go alongside the brand of the exhibition, introducing what the exhibtion is about and keeping the design coherent throughout.

// Branding.
// Posters 1.

These two posters were created  using the exhibition marque and images of public figures who have tried to explore the roles of gender and attempt to change opinions whom would be features in the exhibition as a celebration of what they have achieved.

Creating three posters following my colour palette of pink and blue to show how gender is separated by colour but contrasted by yellow to show how yellow is not affiliated with any gender. Listing all the genders that we should be celebrating that creates this new generation of gender fluidity which overlaps the marque for the exhibition itself.

// Posters 2.

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